This is the new PicoTDC project website which replaces the Sharepoint site (espace.cern.ch/PicoTDC).

Please find below the latest news about the project.

PicoTDC summer news

Here are the last developments concerning the projects: the PicoTDC ASIC has been updated, the new version is v 0.92 and it can be find in the CERNBox folder. Thanks to all the users who gave suggestions on what needed to be clarified, there are still items in the TODO list for a future release ! the Demoboard software has been updated, there are important fixes for the TOT mode and GUI. [Read More]

Demo Board external Trigger issue

An issue was found with trigger signal routing on the demo board from FMC1 from our colleagues at INFN Torino. This affect all the boards EDA-04186-V2. A document has been written to describe the details and how to fix it, check the demo board folder.